Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating

Example: NSArray *array = @[@"[apple]", @"[boy]", @"[dog]", @"cat"]; NSPredicate *pred = [NSPredicate predicate With Format:@"self matches %@", @"\[dog\]"]; NSLog(@"%@", [array filtered Array Using Predicate:pred]); About your update: predicate With Format is not like string With Format, as it does some additional jobs...

objective-c,xcode,osx,cocoa,storage I got my answer from the link. NSError *error; NSFile Manager *fm = [NSFile Manager default Manager]; NSDictionary *attr = [fm attributes Of File System For Path:@"/" error:&error]; NSLog(@"Attr: %@", attr); float totalsize Gb =

Your my Print() wrapper has some limitations, for example my Print("b", append Newline : false) does not compile.objective-c,swift,cocoa,libdispatch Calling dispatch_io_close(DISPATCH_IO_STOP) will cause running dispatch_io_read operations to be interrupted and their handlers to be passed to ECANCELED error (along with partial results), see the dispatch_io_close(3) manpage.Note that this does not interrupt the actual I/O system calls, it just prevents additional I/O system calls from being entered, so you... To make sure it's returning the value you want when you do read it, you need to subclass the class in question, override...A better implementation would be func my Print osx,swift,cocoa,nstableview,nstableviewcell You need to drop the new cell view in the table column that would contain that kind of cell view (the one whose identifier is "value Column", in this case).ios,objective-c,iphone,cocoa,nsdate The problem is with the way NSLog() and the NSDate description method display the date which is in GMT (UTC).

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